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Health Assets Management, Inc. offers total practice management services to all levels of behavioral health practices. It's dedicated to giving professionals, their facilities and practices, relief from the convoluted nightmare of unrelenting demands and requirements in dealing with commercial and public payors.

The officers, directors and advisors of Health Assets Management have backgrounds in behavioral health practice and, uniquely, in Managed Care. They understand the workings as well as the practices of health plans, insurance companies and behavioral health managed care companies.

Health Assets Management's operations department staff come from financial companies, health plans, and healthcare practices. While they work as a team, each has unique knowledge and skills that are used for your mutual support.

The Health Assets Management team offers a full range of practice management services. Authorizations, billing, credentialing and just about any other need you may have can be fulfilled.

Health Assets Mental Health Billing News

What are the options for a clinician whose practice mainly consists of hour long sessions?

Health Assets Mental Health Billing News

Psychologists and Social Workers are exempt from the MIPS program (the replacement for PQRS) for 2017 and 2018.

Health Assets Mental Health Billing News

Fewer and fewer health plans offer Out of Network Benefits.  This is a guide regarding patient benefits and how they affect you.

Health Assets Mental Health Billing News

The future of the Affordable Care Act is in question.  This, we are aware, is of grave concern to Mental Health Practitioners.

Health Assets Mental Health Billing News

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