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Why are we better?

1) We stick to what we know.

We do not dilute our company's knowledge or efforts by attempting to manage practices/bill claims outside of our specialty area - Mental Health in NY State. This allows us to offer the best overall service for our current customer base of satisfied Psychologists, LCSWs, Psychiatric MDs/NPs, and LMHCs, as well as, group practices and mental health clinics.

 2) We are available exactly when you need us most.

Health Assets is open 9AM – 5PM, Monday through Friday. Although we are available by email during this time, we are also available by phone. We do not have any automated telephone systems for you to struggle with in order to talk to one of us during our normal office hours.

 3) We have the best staff ready to take care of your practice.

See for yourself. We all come from different backgrounds, enjoy different hobbies, and live completely different lives. But, at work, our staff is completely devoted to furthering your practice. The Health Assets staff has cultivated an environment of seamless teamwork which will take all of the work out of the claims and credentialing process for you.

 4) We do ALL follow-up on outstanding claims, at no additional cost to you.

The flat rate that we charge for each date of service includes any follow-up, secondary or tertiary claim submissions, resubmissions, or reprocessing which must be done on any claim which may happen to have an issue. We do not require that you send us any Explanations of Benefits (EOBs) that you receive… you actually start to look forward to them from us (in an easy-to-read, standard format for each insurance company)! We follow each and every claim until you are paid. Also for every claim - we post the amount paid, check date, and the check number into our system so that you are never left wondering.

 5 )We support your professional associations.

Health Assets is a proud supporter of New York State branches of your professional organizations such as: NYSPA, NASW, and NYMHCA. We work very closely with these, and other professional organizations. We are happy to offer discounted fees to members of NYSPA, NASW, APA, and NYMHCA.

 6) We have the connections.

We have made great credentialing, billing, and provider relations contacts with most insurance companies and payers over the years. When we talk, the insurance companies listen. This opens doors for our providers in terms of their specific paneling opportunities, contracts and fee schedules with insurance companies. We even talk regularly to Medicare and Medicaid on behalf of our providers.

 7) We make sure you are in compliance with current HIPAA regulations.

We adhere very strictly to the HIPAA/HITECH mandates, pertaining to the protected information that you are communicating to us. If you sign on with us, you are immediately given access to our secure email portal at no extra cost to you. This email encryption system assures that any information which is emailed to us is safe (be it yours or your patients'). The system is password protected and as easy to use as the email system that you are currently using.

 8) We have resources available for our providers.

Our president has been in successful private practice for over 30 years, and was a pioneer in Managed Mental Health care. She actually introduced many NY Mental Health providers to the concept of Managed care. She has presented to industry and professional organizations on managed behavioral health, primary care medicine/behavioral health integration, wellness, disease state management, and other topics regarding mental health and the business of mental health. She is available to our staff and our providers to discuss the nuances of practice in a Managed Care environment in NY State.

Health Assets Mental Health Billing News

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Health Assets Mental Health Billing News

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Health Assets Mental Health Billing News

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Health Assets Mental Health Billing News

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Health Assets Mental Health Billing News

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