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View More Info Carmel L. Gold LCSW BCD, President and CEO
Health Assets ManagementCarmel L. Gold LCSW BCD, President and CEO

 Carmel has a rich background in Mental Health Practice and Managed Care. She has over 30 years of experience in private practice and has been on the cutting edge of Behavioral Health Managed Care in New York, as Vice President of New York’s first Mental Health Managed Care Company, and later as Director of Mental Health for a NY based HMO. Having had the privilege of working with the eminent psychologist, Carl Rogers PhD for almost a decade, the Person-Centered Approach informs her work. Carmel is passionate about her work, her family, and the beauty of Ulster County where she is an active volunteer in the community.

View More Info Brett Jones, Chief Operating Officer
Health Assets Management Brett Jones, Chief Operating Officer

 Brett had been a billing specialist and then Billing Supervisor before his promotion to COO. Brett came to Health Assets with supervisory and quality assurance experience, including Medical Claims Submission and Adjudication. An accomplished musician, he studied Music Business at Crane School of Music at SUNY Potsdam and continues his coursework in psychology. Brett is as comfortable supervising the day to day operations of the company as he is talking to prospective providers about their practices. When Brett is not working, you can usually find him recording music in his home studio.

View More Info Alison Schenck, Director of Operations

Alison's rich background in managing Specialty Practices and Businesses has been a welcome addition to the Health Assets staff.  She has been responsible for evolving the credentialing department as we moved it back "in house". She has brought more efficiencies and a renewed committment to customer service to the company.

Alison and her husband, Pete, enjoy their family, their pets and the outdoors in our beautiful Hudson Valley.

View More Info Amie Vedder, Billing Manager
Health Assets ManagementAmie Vedder, Billing Manager

 Amie completed her BS in Business Administration and worked in various administrative positions before coming to Health Assets. She proved to be a conscientious team player and quickly became Brett Jones’ right hand person. She was the obvious choice to replace Brett as Billing Supervisor when he became COO. Amie’s calm and serious manner, along with her sincere desire to make every provider practice successful, makes her a role model in the company. Her passion is children and she recently completed her second BS in Early Childhood Education. When she is not playing the role of Supermom at home, she applies her nurturing tendencies to the staff and our providers here at Health Assets. Amie lives in the Kingston area with her family.

View More Info Jennifer Travers, Supervisor of Benefits Verification
Health Assets Management Jennifer Travers, Supervisor of Benefits Verification

Jennifer came to us from a local hospital where she gained extensive knowledge of managed care plans and mental health benefits.  She has an Associate’s Degree in accounting as well as a degree in medical billing.  Jennifer resides in the Rosendale area with her family.  She is actively involved with the march of dimes walk for babies as her son was born prematurely.  Jennifer likes to spend her spare time with her family.

View More Info Claudia Partin, Billing Specialist
Health Assets ManagementClaudia Partin, Billing Specialist

Claudia was born of immigrant parents and raised in the Bronx. At age 15, She moved to Kingston, and completed college with a degree in child care and development. Claudia has spent the last 4 years volunteering in the Spanish speaking community and even spent a short time living in Belize as a volunteer worker. Claudia works submitting mental health claims and sending reports to providers 3 ½ days a week so that she can continue her volunteer work. She enjoys working at Health Assets because she is part of a wonderful team. She and her husband live and work in Kingston and enjoy the beautiful Hudson Valley as their home. 

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Health Assets Mental Health Billing News

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Health Assets Mental Health Billing News

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Health Assets Mental Health Billing News

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Health Assets Mental Health Billing News

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