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2017 Change in Benefits

Dear Provider,


We want to remind you that the benefits we have verified for you in 2016 are valid for the 2016 calendar year. 


Unless otherwise stated, all deductible amounts will reset in January 2017. 


The Medicare deductible amount for 2017 is $183.


Please be sure to ask your patients if they have had any insurance changes.  Their copayments and/or coinsurance amounts may have changed as of January 2017.

You can download a simple sign for your waiting room at our website (The first choice in the Forms Column): New Insurance Sign


As we wind down this year and prepare for the next, we want to compliment the providers who sent in their updated credentialing maintenance forms.  We are diligently entering all of your information and documents into our state of the art credentialing software.  This will help us help you stay on top of your expiring documents, your CAQH reattestations and recredentialing with all payers.  It will also make it easier to be sure that any changes you make – like moving your office, changing your banking information, adding a provider to your group, etc. are up to date with all payers. The accuracy assures proper and timely payment of your claims.


If you have not sent in your updated forms, please do. We will be happy to send them to you again if you misplaced the email.


For now, we are only offering credentialing services to our billing customers. 

Please request more information on our billing, benefit verification and credentialing services if you are interested in enhancing what we are doing for your practice.

We have been delighted to see some of our practices adding new practitioners and locations, expanding from one part time practitioner to multiple practitioners, and evolving from part time to full time.  It is our pleasure to assist with the growth and health of your practice.


Our best to you for a happy and safe holiday season.



Carmel L Gold, LCSW BCD



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