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MIPS Letters from Medicare

Dear Provider,

You may have received a letter from Medicare explaining the MIPS program.  This is the plan that replaced the PQRS program that many of you participated in over the past 3 years.  Successful participation in PQRS allowed practices to avoid penalties on their Medicare claims.  Most mental health practitioners were not successful reporters and have been penalized for the past 2 years with a reduction on each Medicare payment.


Social Workers and Psychologists do not have to respond to the recent Medicare letter.


 Social workers, psychologists and group practices that do not include prescribers are exempt from participation in the MIPS program for 2017 and 2018.  Your practice will neither be positively nor negatively impacted by this exemption.  This means that beginning in 2019 you will no longer see the PQRS (MIPS) penalty on your Medicare payments.


LMHCs and other clinicians who do not participate in Medicare are also exempt.  Since you do not participate in Medicare, you will not receive a letter, and this program has no effect on you.


Psychiatrists and Nurse Practitioners in Psychiatry are eligible to participate, and must choose their pace of participation.  We are available to work with our psychiatrists and nurse practitioners to develop a plan for participation.


As always, we are here to help NYS Mental Health practitioners navigate the third party payment system (commercial and government payers).  If you are not a current customer, and are interested in our services, please email or call us and we will send you information on what Health Assets can do for your practice.

All my best,


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