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Mental Health is changing and so is your need for practice management. CPT codes have new complexity, DSM 5 has been published, the ICD 10 is replacing the ICD 9 and new government inspired practice delivery and reimbursement strategies have been introduced. Yet, you still need to keep up with changes in clinical practice and continue to evolve your clinical skills while assuring that billing, authorizations and credential maintenance are accurate and up-to-date.

Even if you could keep up with all these changes and develop relationships with new and different referral organizations, how much time and resources will you need to expend to maintain your practice, enhance cash flow and meet the needs of a changing practice environment?

Health Assets Management is the premier Mental Health Billing and Practice Management Company in New York State and we look forward to taking care of you.

Working exclusively with behavioral health practices in New York, Health Assets Management has the ability, and track record, to meet all your practice’s needs and free up your time and energy to spend more time practicing and less time dealing with insurance companies, paperwork, and trying to get paid.

Health Assets Mental Health Billing News

Psychologists and Social Workers are exempt from the MIPS program (the replacement for PQRS) for 2017 and 2018.

Health Assets Mental Health Billing News

Fewer and fewer health plans offer Out of Network Benefits.  This is a guide regarding patient benefits and how they affect you.

Health Assets Mental Health Billing News

The future of the Affordable Care Act is in question.  This, we are aware, is of grave concern to Mental Health Practitioners.

Health Assets Mental Health Billing News

Find information on 2017 benefits. Be sure to ask patients if they have any changes for 2017.

Health Assets Mental Health Billing News
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